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Step 1

Submit our online application along with the $50 application fee.

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Step 2

Once we review your application and approve you to move forward, you will receive instructions on how to complete the income screening.


Step 3

Once the income screening is passed, we will invoice you for $500 as a deposit to the service fee that we charge (equal to 1 month's rent of the unit you are approved for. We submit the application once this fee is paid.


Step 4

  • Sit back and wait. While the leasing office is screening your application, our team will be following up with them and giving you updates accordingly.

Step 5

Once approved, we will give you the "welcome letter" that's received from the apartment community. Our company will sign the lease agreement and give you instructions on how to access the portal to pay your rent each month.


Step 6

Bring your move-in fees to the leasing office, and pick up your keys and move in!

*Your monthly rent payments will be paid by Complex Approvals, you will be responsible for paying our company your monthly rent plus the $99 monthly lease fee payment. There is a 10% charge for late payments. You must pay your rent on time each month.

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